Alex van de Gonda

STER-Friesian Stallion FPZV

Imported to Canada 2019
born in the Netherlands 2008

Alex van de Gonda is a FPZV STER Stallion bred in the Netherlands in 2008.  He brings together two of the best heirs in his family tree.  His sire is Onne 376 (by Leffert 306) and (Mother-Father) Sape 381, both of whom are known worldwide for good offspring.


At the stallion licensing in Leeuwarden 2011, Alex van de Gonda was also able to qualify for the STER award.


Under the care of our VET, Alex will be standing to the public.


Alex can be viewed. Please make an appointment.





 The stallion captivates with a long-legged, sporty, elegant type with strong hindquarters and a noble head.  His height is 168cm.


Alex is black lacquer and without badge, a very luxuriant double mane completes his elegant, imposing appearance.  In terms of character, he is uncomplicated and person related.


Alex is well trained and had been featured at many major horse events for years as a member of the largest quadrille in Europe.

He was always reliable and willing to perform under all circumstances.


He was imported to Canada at the end of 2019 and is now available for breeding.


The mare owner is responsible for shipping on time! To do this, work with your veterinarian to determine the best time to collect the semen. You can order the shipping service by our VET too. They have recently started offering this service too. For the service of the VET clinic they charge a separate booking fee.



Alex's sperm was above average last season.

For the best successful insemination, we are very happy in this context with the very experienced team of Dr. McDonald.

We can highly recommend that you bring your mare into her care.