Create your own colorful and individual


designed horse halter.


Each halter is guaranteed unique.




Let color in the barn and create an individual


one-off for your darling.


We will make you a halter in your favorite color.




Feel invited to be inspired by the following patterns


and choose your favorite combination.




Each of your horses can have its own distinctive halter color.


Mix-ups are a thing of the past.


Add color and bring fun to your barn!





Gift cards are also possible

All productions are unique and therefore they can't be exchanged or returned.
The production and the dispatch take place exclusively after a previous order confirmation and after prepayment.
Every production from the TFS Tack Shop is carried out with the greatest possible care.
The productions are handcrafts and are therefore excluded from exchange and warranty claims or guarantees.

No liability is accepted for durability or material. This is accepted without restriction when placing an order.